Who Am It

Who am it ?


Who am it ?

Renowned for his clear and thorough readings, Mr. Aksar can enlighten you on all your shadow areas of your life.

With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Aksar can help you find a solution to your problems.

The love spells and the emotional return of the lover. Keep rivals in love. Rituals can help you free love.

Rituals of attraction and seduction of various fields... Professions, companies, justice. Examinations, competitions, housing. Confidence, well-being, Phobias. Powerful rituals in tradition : Back Love and feelings work with or without Photo Telepathy (Action and distant influence) Psychic (well-being, attraction) Clear bad memories.

A real spiritual analysis of the African healer by phone or SMS. With Mr. Aksar he can help you solve your problems with sincerity and honesty.

To begin with, Mr. Aksar needs your name, first name and date of birth, then I will tell you what he sees and he will begin the process for the beloved's return.

He is one of the greatest African spiritual healers of the year 2017.

My reading is truly pure and I ask you to be attentive to my word.

I will send you spiritual advice so that your life will be more serene and filled with peace and above all with love.

We are naturally upset when things do not go according to our will or when the other person does not behave as we expected.

"All we want is to love and be loved in return"

That's what everybody wants. More or less.

But love is anything but simple.

A sunset and a walk on the beach with two people holding hands can be considered loved and loved in return.

A candlelit dinner, a holiday, a lot of attention, empathy, understanding, forgiveness, safety, friendliness, loyalty, commitment and appreciation is the way most of us see love.

(To suffer is human, but to get out of it is to no longer suffer.)





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Monday / Friday : 06:30 - 23:00

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E-mail : aksarhealer@gmail.com

Phone : 07 451 205 109 (free call)

WhatsApp : +44 7451 205109

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