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This is Mr. Aksar's "Guestbook", it contains the testimonies of the people who contacted him. Perfectly authentic, they are preserved as they are and are proof of the trust that exists between his "clients" and him. You have already benefited from the services of Mr. Aksar, do not hesitate to leave your testimony in his guestbook. By clicking here «Testimonials»

Hello, I add my testimony also because after reading with Mr. Aksar about a loved one for me, the result was fairly accurate and the worst is the same evening I got a call from this ex Girlfriend and I let you guess the continuation there saw my confidence to Mr. Aksar I began my work to find my place with her and especially to resume my life of a couple that I lost due to certain events and an entourage Not really favorable. To follow I will make a testimony for the continuation of my history. In any case I strongly advise you Mr. Aksar. I tested and I did not understand why I hesitated a long.

Hello everyone. I made contact with M. Aksar after the departure of my friend... I did not know what to do. After a discussion with him, he said that we could try the blow... After a cleaning and the beginning of the work I had contact by SMS with my ex while I had no more... Good on Is not yet together but we must be patient and let the workers work. It gave me balm to my heart. Now thoroughly... I advise you.

I ask for help on a topic whether he can help me or not. I have to make a preliminary reading so that he knows if he can intervene in a positive constructive goal. I must clarify that I did not explain my case or give any information, exhausted. Then, without knowing anything about me and my concern, he already manages to talk to me about a correct element about my past which is more about a friend lost sight of the age he predicted me, I had even forgotten the Last time I had seen her and indeed

I was of the age that he mentioned and this friend yes it is a girl it could have been a friend and.

Mr. Aksar is great. I called on his services because I had a relationship with a married man that I love madly. This man wanted to leave his wife for me last summer but did not get there. Thanks to the work of life, he is now undertaking concrete steps to live with me. It was unexpected Thank you, Aksar

I am a very complicated case, panicked, anguished or even depressed, and yet as soon as Mr. Aksar calls me, it makes me a lot crazy ! He has a reassuring voice and full of charm, he takes care to contact me regularly and tries to calm me down when I'm in Crisis. It has been 2 weeks since Emotional Return Work has started, and still no news from my ex, but I believe in it with all my strength because it is the man of my life and hope is all What remains for me. I will keep you posted for the rest of the events anyway. Mr. Aksar is a sincere, respectful and warm person.

Hello, I am my name is David I am from London and thanks to Mr. Aksar my girlfriend to be able to come back to me as if she had changed her mind, then it has been put together as before everything passes well between us big Thank you to you Mr. Aksar

Hello, I wanted to testify in all sincerity to thank Mr. Aksar. For several months or even years, I have a galley and the word is weak, healers I tried until the day I went to the site of Mr. Aksar and no blabla, Mr. Aksar is a character if I can Allow no ostrich policy just the truth. I am right now and I believe in him.

Mr. Aksar is a very serious person. Reading and quality work. Mr. Aksar lets us take time for reflection before deciding anything. Followed once a week, which is very appreciated. He is listening and very good advice. I would definitely recommend it.

Hello, I have not yet started working with Mr. Aksar, but the contact is great. He answers pretty quickly, I hope to consult him in a few days to have his opinion on my situation as a couple. I'm considering a love spell. I keep you informed of developments.

Hello everyone, I come in my turn to give a first testimony about Mr. Aksar, first of all the contact with this person is exceptional, very listening, very good advice, although I do not have it Listened from the start and Mr. Aksar took longer to clean up. My ex-girlfriend left without a real reason, just that she prefers her freedom, rather than the serious relationship, I was in the great cold with her and made her suffer by harassing her a little with the phone, in short , Mr. Aksar made a very good cleaning and to begin the ritual part ... I once again saw my ex when she brought me my things I hid not to see it but regretting I Found her and we chatted and laughed for 30 min at least, 2 days ago, she came to look for her business, I was very cold with, she came back because she had forgotten business and Talked for at least 3 hours of time and not just chat ... she likes me a lot when I'm kind and not edgy and always says that for it ended well she will never come back as a couple with me, But given what happened two days ago I doubt a little, according to Mr. Aksar, it's complicated because we should never have done what we did, but we persist Contact with my ex is nice, we call her for three days as a friend we laugh, she wants to see me but as a friend, I accept and who knows one day ... I count on M, thank you for everything ....





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