Spiritual Healer

READING Readings are made by appointment in the office or by correspondence. The goal of Mr. Aksar is to help you get a result. With Mr. Aksar, you will find taste for life.

RITUALS Ritual of magic performed on an object that belongs to you, a souvenir, lines of the hand or a simple photo. During the rituals of magic, Mr. Aksar makes regular contact to explain the progress of the works.

RESULTS A reading is done before the rituals, and you do not pay until it is sure to get a final result (payment after results). The rituals are performed overnight.

COMMUNICATION Mr. Aksar is available 7 days a week, to read & move around the city of United Kingdom, Switzerland and France Do not hesitate to contact me by phone, SMS, e-mail or contact form even for a simple question. You can also find me on the app (WhatsApp), download on Google Play & the App Store.

Mr. Aksar speaks French.

(To suffer is human, but to get out of it is to no longer suffer.)

  • Payment after results
  • Serious, discreet, powerful
  • Reliable work without negative reaction (no reaction)
  • Many customers very satisfied: (Testimonials & Guestbook)
  • Your information remains confidential.
  • Reading Clairvoyance 49 £ (see terms of payment)


Great specialist of the return of a loved one, Mr. Aksar can help you find your lost love. Even if your ex has left for some time, it can help you go back. With his name, first name, date of birth and photo. With this information in person, Mr. Aksar locates the sentimental stars through the spirits of love.


Contact Mr. Aksar to help you find a solution against black magic, do not let the situation make you fall. Do not ruin your emotional, family or professional. Do not let misfortune block you in your life, evil can hide anywhere, even in your home or work. A powerful ritual can help you change your life. Then you can return to a peaceful life, confidence and comfort.


The reading of clairvoyance is one of the forces of Mr. Aksar.

This can help you answer precisely all your questions you ask using its various spiritual occult methods.

His answers are clear and precise, and this can help you also bring help and guidance for your sentimental and emotional future, projects, business and the social.


Thanks to his gift of African healing, he can help you heal any kind of blockage or bad luck, sorcery etc ...

Trust is a strong point in its rituals and occult works, it combines rapidity and sincerity.





Working Hours

Monday / Friday : 06:30 - 23:00

Saturday : 06:30 - 23:00

Sunday : 07:00 - 00:00

Get in Touch

E-mail : aksarhealer@gmail.com

Phone : 07 451 205 109 (free call)

WhatsApp : +44 7451 205109

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Dislaimer "The results may vary from one person to another so there are no guarantees"